We Didn’t Set Out to Start a Ranch

What do you get when you cross a fourth-generation rancher, a real estate investor,
and an old potato farm? You get Teton Waters Ranch. No, seriously. That’s how this all began.

Experiment in Environmental Conservation

Regenerative agriculture is something we’re deeply committed to because it’s a way of farming that works with nature rather than against it. By farming the way people have for thousands of years, we’re learning the lessons from those that came before us and making a better, more productive present. By farming this way, we help foster deep, life-giving soil while practicing carbon sequestration, which helps reverse the effects of climate change and creates a healthier planet.

The humane treatment and 100% grass-fed diet of our cattle is fundamental to everything we do. That’s why our practices — and those of all the folks we partner with — meet the highest standards of animal welfare. But we don’t stop there. We exceed those measures every chance we get.

We make 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef so you can have clean, delicious meat on your table every single day. That means raising the animals on a clean diet, which means no antibiotics hormones, or anything artificial—just grass.

For Us, It’s Not Enough to Just Source Beef


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